Ever wished you had a snowboard you could also take surfing, or vice-versa? Well, French rider Mathieu Crepel made that happen by teaming up with surfboard designer Axel Lorentz to create the ultimate board he could use on snow and in the water.

The board doesn’t have bindings, and has minimal fins. This allows Crepel to effortless cruise through powder like one would do on a Snurfer, and slash through waves in the surf.

Pretty awesome idea and looks like it was executed perfectly. I doubt you could ride this board on hard-pack groomers, but looks like a dream in deep powder.

Mathieu Crepel“« One Board, Two Worlds », snowboarder Mathieu Crepel’s latest project, born out of a crazy wish, to bring together his two passions and to ride the mountains and the ocean with the same board…no bindings, no fins. From the first prototype created « just for fun » in renowned shaper Axel Lorentz (Pukas)’s workshop to the reality of a hybrid, handcrafted board, the result is just awe-inspiring. « One Board, Two Worlds » takes us from the waves of the Basque Country to the mountains of the Pyrenees, for a hitherto unseen blending of these two elements which are so dear to Mathieu. For this film, Mathieu aims to get back to the simple things ; no objectives of high performance, just the pleasure of enjoying these two worlds and getting back to the very fundamentals of boardsports. For the production, Mathieu, accompanied by videographer Guillaume Arrieta, shot everything within a radius of only 100km. For the snowboard sections, they stayed in a mountain hut in the Pyrenees before coming back down to the ocean to shoot on the waves. Supported by Quiksilver and Nidecker snowboards”