Mount Blanc Is Shrinking Due To Climate Change

Mount Blanc Is Shrinking Due To Climate Change

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Mount Blanc Is Shrinking Due To Climate Change


It is no secret that layers of ice and snow have been continuously disappearing. The depletion of glaciers is well-documented. The melting of ice has another effect on our favorite mountains. They are shrinking.

According to an article from, France’s Mont Blanc is losing elevation due to the loss of ice. Geologists measure the height of the mountain every other year and found that it has lost approximately three feet since 2017. In addition, its current height of 15,773.65 is down approximately ten feet since 2001.

According to the report the trend can be seen in other alpine areas. In Sweden, the mountain known as Kebnekaise shrunk 6.5-feet in a single year. Mount Shasta in California is also losing its ice.

Experts are asking people to exercise caution when evaluating this data. While the numbers are striking, precise measurements have only been collected for a few decades. Still, given what we know is happening to the earth, it is difficult not to jump to conclusions.

Images from: Departement De La Haute Savoie Facebook Page, Mountains On Stage Facebook Page

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