Places for animals to get water in the Arizona desert during a drought can be hard to come by. YouTube channel Michael Outside found this hidden mountain pool somewhere in Arizona, and captured all kinds of life drinking from the precious water source.

It’s so cool to see these animals interact with the pool in a wild setting. They don’t know that they’re being watched, and therefore, we can observe their natural behaviors.

I really enjoyed watching the mountain lion and bear clips. It was so cool to see the bears cooling off in the summer heat, and mountain lions just always look majestically terrifying no matter what they do.

Hope you enjoy this video as much as I did. You can skip around the video to find different animal segments.

Michael OutsideThis pool was a nice surprise to find while hiking in the middle of our drought here in Arizona. It led to some of my best ever mountain lion trail camera footage and by far the coolest bear video I’ve gotten so far. This pool is mostly hidden by the grass and steep terrain around it, which is good for trying to get footage of animals. Drop a comment below if you enjoyed the video and tell me which Arizona wildlife you’d like to see more of. Thanks for watching. Fun facts: Waterholes are classic ambush sites for predators. Look how nervous the deer is at 08:55. Skunks will stomp to warn other animals they’re about to be sprayed if they don’t back off. That’s what the skunk is doing at 09:40. Listen closely at 12:54. The younger mountain lion lets out a little purr. Species shown: Mountain Lion, Turkey Vulture, Black Bear, Coues Deer, Hog-nosed Skunk, Ring-tailed Cat, Mexican Jay, Gray Fox, Blue Grosbeak, and some sort of bat (please tell me if you know the species). Trail Camera used: Browning Recon Force Advantage”

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