Holiday Valley in Ellicottville, New York is replacing the Yodeler Quad with a $4 million dollar Dopplemayer detachable quad. The Yodeler services easy, medium, and mostly advanced terrain. Here is Holiday Valley’s reasoning for the change:

“The biggest reason for this improvement is that even though this lift services many of our more challenging runs, many beginners use the lift to return back to the base area after skiing in the Tannenbaum area. A high-speed lift loads and unloads at a much slower speed so beginners will have an easier time loading, resulting in fewer slows and stops. “

Holiday Valley has been posting descriptive videos detailing the construction process. At this point, the skin of the base terminal is being put on, the haul rope has arrived, and the foundations to the lift towers are beginning to be poured.

Meanwhile, the Warming Hut that was originally situated at the top of the new lift has been moved a few hundred feet over to the left to accommodate the change. Holiday Valley created another impressive video, which is a time-lapse of the building moving with the help of rails and wheels.

Image Credits: Holiday Valley

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