I definitely don’t blame the bison in this encounter as it’s another example of a stupid person getting way too close to wildlife for a sick photo on their iPhone. Do you think Steve Jobs realized how many people would be injured by animals by giving everybody a HD camera in their pocket? I’m guessing he probably didn’t, but there certainly has to be a correlation between the two.

All I mean is that everybody feels like it’s so important to record and take pictures of ever mundane moment around them. The people who get real close to a herd of bison for pictures are the same people who record an entire concert on their phone and don’t actually enjoy the performance in-person.

We live in a bizarre world where the content on your phone is more valuable than the experiences in real-life. Okay, enough of my philosophical ranting, watch as this woman gets flung violently for getting too close to a 1,000’+ bison at a state park in South Dakota last year.

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