Big Bull Moose Spotted In Winter Park

Big Bull Moose Spotted In Winter Park


Big Bull Moose Spotted In Winter Park


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A trio of moose were spotted in Winter Park’s C Lot yesterday just taking a friendly stroll. I know there isn’t a whole lot exciting about this video, but I can’t help but love a good bull moose sighting.

Gotta wonder where these guys hang out during the winter months when people are covering the slopes. There’s a lot of room in the Rockies, but I’m sure they can’t be too far away from skiers and snowboarders.

Speaking of, there was that one time a pair of moose charged skiers at Breckenridge just a couple of years ago. That was definitely an all-time moose encounter video.

Maybe we’ll get another one this season? 😆


The art turning on straight skis is all but lost these days. We all have ludicrous side cuts, rocker, camber, and a variety of materials (…)

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