Rough news out of Snowbird over the weekend, as they have announced that the Tram Club will be closed indefinitely. For 27 years, the Tram Club was a staple that was located just under the tram’s loading station.  The Tram Club was run by a company outside of Snowbird’s domain, and the terms of the contract were set by a lease. No specific reason has been given by Snowbird, but employees of the bar have been told that the lease to space has been revoked, and the workers have been laid off. While it is indefinitely closed, it is likely that Snowbird will reopen it at some point, although the bar will likely be operated by the resort now rather than a private vendor.

The Tram Club differed from other ski resorts bars based on its surroundings. The only windows that exist don’t peek outside, but rather at the aerial trams bull wheels. There were sixteen TVs, three projector big screens, pool tables, and an impressive amount of sports memorabilia. In the summertime, they had an outside bar and patio area that stands directly below the start of the tram. In terms of the ski industry, there is truly nothing like the Tram Club. It was also extremely affordable, which is noticeably different based on other restaurants at Snowbird.

Utah meme pages, like @thewasanglessnakers, are dunking on Snowbird over the decision. With the mountain being in a contentious battle for either a road expansion for buses or a new canyon gondola(which is the option Snowbird and Alta support) to reduce canyon congestion, this is certainly not a good look for the bird.

The question is now: Will it remain the same, or will it become gentrified and overpriced like many of the restaurants and bars in the Wasatch?

Image Credits: Tram Club, Google

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