Excellent news for all you Utah mountain bikers, Bogus Basin just opened their Basin Gravity Bike Park and it looks sick.  Idaho News 6 reports the new downhill only mountain bike park features nine trails, and many of them are new after Bogus Basin spent last summer during the pandemic building new trails.

“We built approximately four miles of new trails last year, and those are traditionally wider trails with jumps and most of them are more what you would call a flow trail.Some of the trails do have technical features with rocks, roots, stumps, and that type of stuff.” -Jaime Zolber of Bogus Basin

When we listened into the Ridge to Rivers question and answer seminar last winter, the one thing mountain bikers wished for more than anything was more technical trails. The Foothills don’t typically have the terrain to cater to those types of trails, but Bogus Basin does.

“The big flagship trial, the exciting trail is what we call Rabid Badger. It’s our black jump line with 20, 30, and 40-foot tables on it for advanced and expert riders only. That is an incredible addition to the mountain.”

All these trails can be accessed by the Morning Star Express which became operational a year and a half ago, allowing bikers to make laps and improve their skills on the trails.


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