A couple of dudes over on Instagram have hid $10,000 in a chest near Salt Lake City, and the treasure hunt is bringing people in droves to a canyon that is suspected to be where the chest was hidden.

@the.cline.fam and @onthejohn have stated that the chest is hidden on public land, and does not require any ropes or special equipment to access.

Unfortunately, the treasure hunt is leading to il-equipped hikers venturing into the wilderness in search of the big prize.

Rescue crews were dispatched on Saturday to Ferguson Canyon to rescue a man who was entrapped by a boulder while out searching for the treasure.

KSL News has the full report:

I wish, no I really wish, I could say that I’m surprised that an Instagram treasure hunt is leading to people getting hurt out on the trail, but you probably aren’t surprised by this either.

These ridiculous 21st century internet stories always make me wish I could read the headline to a blue collar worker from the 1950s. He’d probably have an aneurism trying to process the fact two grown men are giving away $10k of their own money to grow their internet clout.

What a world we live in, huh?

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