First Wolf Pups Born In Colorado Since the 1940s!

First Wolf Pups Born In Colorado Since the 1940s!


First Wolf Pups Born In Colorado Since the 1940s!


The drought-ridden West Coast has been a downer lately but here’s some exciting news: In Colorado, the first litter of Gray wolf puppies has been born since the 1940s. Back in the 1940s, Gray Wolves were hunted to extinction in the state following expansive hunting, poisoning, and trapping campaign by the population. The Guardian reports a state biologist district wildlife manager located a litter of at least three baby gray wolves during this past weekend. Gray Wolf litters usually contain around four to six puppies, so there could definitely be more.

This exciting news comes after a 2020 ballot measure was approved by Colorado voters that allowed wolves to be introduced on public lands on the western side of the state. With most of the land on the east side of the state is devoted to farming, reintroducing wolves would not be ideal for harvests. Packs that likely migrated from Yellowstone National Park were spotted in the state of Colorado beginning in 2019. In short, the future is bright for gray wolves in Colorado.

Image Credits: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Flickr


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