Drink it Forward On National Trails Day with 10 Barrel Brewing

10 Barrel Brewing

Drink it Forward On National Trails Day with 10 Barrel Brewing


Drink it Forward On National Trails Day with 10 Barrel Brewing


National Trails Day, held on the first Saturday in June, was originally created in 1993 to recognize the recreational benefits that our nation’s trails provide for us as Americans. By encouraging people to get up and enjoy the great outdoors, the American Hiking Society sought to increase the awareness of issues that our federal, state and local trails face. National Trails Day also encourages us to show our appreciation for those who maintain the trails and make it possible for us to use on a regular basis. Overall, it’s an excellent way to promote physical activity while enjoying the beautiful landscapes that America has to offer.

Craft Beers With a Purpose

This Saturday, June 5, many organizations across the country will be holding events in honor of National Trails Day. 10 Barrel Brewing, despite not having a specific event planned hike the Drink Beer Outside hike all year long with their #drinkitforward campaign. For example, 10 Barrel employee Emily Edens (who leads 10 Barrel’s internal sustainability and conservation team) recently bid for and won a $10k grant to carry about trail improvements AND expansion around Bend, OR.

10 Barrel also offers a suite of four outdoor themed beers they donate a portion of the proceeds for each to protect and preserve important outdoor initiatives, including the Outdoor Alliance, The Conservation Alliance, the Surfrider Foundation, and Trout Unlimited’s Home Rivers Initiative.

Nature is Calling You To Drink. Choose Wisely

10 Barrel nature Calls

The people at 10 Barrel know that no outdoor endeavor is ever truly complete without a brew or two at the end of your journey. That’s why they encourage you to Drink Beer Outside post hike with choices like these.

Nature Calls, a ‘Mountain IPA’ that benefits the Conservation Alliance is a merger of two prominent IPA styles: West Coast IPA and East Coast Hazy IPA. It’s smooth profile is filled with mango, tangerine and grapefruit flavors and has the nice piney finish that you’d expect from a West Coast IPA. At 6.5% Nature Calls is a great choice when out in the wild.

Nature Calls may get you out there but you’ll want to have some Hazy Trail when you do. Inspired by their brewer’s trip to the haze laden Northeast, Hazy Trail partners with the Outdoor Alliance to protect the places we ski, hike, climb, paddle and bike. Totally tropical, hazy and built for the trail, it will certainly satisfy your cravings post adventure.

Beyond these two stellar offerings from 10 Barrel, you can also pick up some Profuse Juice for all your après-surf endeavors and their new limited release Reel Good Kolsch. Both are quite tasty, refreshing and donate to a good cause.

Beer is Good. Philanthropic Beer is Better

No matter what your poison hike, bike, surf or fish all of the four 10 Barrel Beers mentioned are excellent options this National Trails Day. In fact, their solid choices everyday. Essentially, by drinking any of them, you’ll not only be quenching your thirst with a tasty brew but also donating to a good cause. Beers are great, but philanthropic beers are even better. So be sure to throw back a few extra in honor of National Trails Day.


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