The entire Extreme Skiing Championships at Crested Butte from 1998 is available for your viewing pleasure.

Watch as Shane McConkey and 13 other competitors send it down Crested Butte’s headwall in glorious sunshine, deep snow, and on some way too skinny skis.

Check out the all-time Shan McConkey moment when the reporter asks Shane why he skied so conservatively at the 26:40 mark of the video.

Reporter: “Shane a little bit conservative there, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you ski so… conservatively… was that the plan?”

Shane: “No I didn’t think I was skiing conservatively, oh well” *shrugs* *sips Red Bull* 😆

If you watch the whole comp you’ll see that Shane clearly had the best form of any skier there.

He didn’t send any huge cliffs on his run, but his technique and style was unmatched by the other competitors.

Shane got snubbed, big time, but it doesn’t seem like he was phased all that much considering his laid back response, and casual sipping of his Red Bull.

What a legend.

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