Source: @lelandthefalcon on Instagram

Leland Vogt is part of an outdoorsy family in Lake Tahoe. His dad, Chuck Vogt, is the owner and founder of Tahoe Longboards, a popular California longboard manufacturer. Their other main family passion though is snowboarding, which has many similarities to the hobby of longboarding. Leland first went snowboarding at the age of two, and immediately went viral on various morning shows for his rapid development in the sport.

At age five, he has accumulated multiple sponsors( Bern Helmets, ShredDog Gear, and Hawaain Springs Water) and has developed a nickname: The Falcon. His skills have developed massively over the past three years, as he has become a frequent park rider at Squaw Valley in California. During the offseason, Leland is a biker, skateboarder, and longboarder.  Needless to say, this kid has a bright future. Here are some of his best highlights from this past season.

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