Instagrammer Jake Adams finds himself in the rough with the National Park Service after teeing off in Yellowstone and at Mount Rushmore. The self described golfer/stand-up comedian was pursuing a personal challenge to drive a ball in all 50 states in 30 days. He alleges that he uses special biodegradable golf balls and believed that doing so would make the act acceptable even in some our nation’s most protected areas.

Cowboy State Daily reports a National Park Service Spokesperson stated in April that “he (Adams) violated regulations designed to preserve Yellowstone and protect the experience of other users… (he) showed a lack of judgement and common sense.”

Adams has since apologized via his InstagramIt was never my intent to disrupt, you know, the environment or anybody’s day, you know, I just never realized the magnitude of hitting a golf ball in any of our national parks… If I can do anything on this platform and just encourage everybody to not do what I did, and do not hit any golf balls biodegradable or not does not matter, in our national parks.”

Listen folks, golf is great but leave your sticks in the trunk if you’re heading to a National Park:

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