Mt. Baker Brain Bowl Boarders - YouTube

Austen Sweetin is worth hitting the sub button on YouTube.

Him and his friends typically ride Mt. Baker throughout the season and serve up some quality content while doing so.

His most recent video features some impressive bowl skating that is followed by a relaxing edit of the Brain Bowl session at Mt. Baker.

Don’t you wish you were sitting out in the sun watching these guys hit these unique features with a nice beverage in your hand? Must be nice!

Austen SweetinSpring has sprung and we dove straight into the deep end of the bowls! Two days of morning coal pad skate sessions straight into Brain Bowl sessions until the sun went down. A huge thank you to Max Warbington for putting on the Brain Bowl session at Mt. Baker and all the shredders that helped make it happen whether it was building the bowl or bringing the good vibes. Couldn’t have asked for a better way to kick off spring! Next stop Holy Bowly at Timberline.

Boarders: Austen Sweetin, Max and Gus Warbington, Max Tokanaga, Phil Hanson, Hans Mindich, and Jake Aaronson.

Film/Edit: Sean Lucey

Featured Board: 1993-94 Lib Tech MC Pool Skater”

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