Do You Prefer Bibs or Pants? Why?

Do You Prefer Bibs or Pants? Why?


Do You Prefer Bibs or Pants? Why?


Chariot Bib | TREW Gear

^Courtesy: TREW Gear

You might remember that I’m a big time bibs guy, but we wanted to ask the people which garment they prefer.

So we took to our generation’s beer hall and started a debate in the comments section of our Facebook page. Here are some of the best answers!

Lego Skier Bro: “Bibs in the winter; pants in the spring.”

Kevin T: “Switched to bibs this season and have been a fan. No snow gets in! Plus the chest pockets hold more snacks on those long touring days”

Robby M: “Pants! Bibs make it harder to pee in the trees.”

Julian L: “Bibs. They provide superior flatulence marination.”

^Well that’s a sentence I’ve never seen before…

Timothy P: “Bibs keep the spaghetti sauce off my chest while I eat in bed. Pants do nothing.”

Tim A: “Pants. So it’s easier to pee.”

peeing-skiers | Unofficial Networks

Todd K:“That is the best content you come up with Unofficial Networks??? You must getting to the bottom of the barrel.
Both are better than one piece suits that always get bathroom urine on the sleeves when you’re in the bathroom.”

^Thanks for kind of answering the question after roasting us, Todd.

John P:“Pants…because I’m not 7 years old”

Dane W: “Bibs if I have a lift ticket pants if I’m skinnin”

Taylor F: “Pants because as a woman it’s hard to pee with bibs.”

Ryan J: “Switched to bibs this season and it’s a game changer. Just make sure they have double zippers for peeing in the woods. No more hiking up the pants the whole way down the mountain.”

Lyken M: “Bibs for the beer/spliff kangaroo pouch “

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