Ice Skating at 93 KMH!

Ice Skating at 93 KMH!


Ice Skating at 93 KMH!


Olympic Speed Skating champion Kjeld Nuis hit 93 KMH on a 1500m outdoor ice track in Sweden!

Nuis followed an SUV that was dragging a device to shield him from any wind resistance in his attempt.

Can you imagine hitting almost 58MPH on ice skates? How do you stop?!

Red Bull“Find out how Olympic Speed Skating Champion Kjeld Nuis reached 93KMH on ice skates on a 1500m outdoor ice-track in Sweden! The Dutch athlete had a lifelong goal to become the fastest skater in the world! In his ‘quest for speed’ Nuis recruits friend and former world champion Erben Wennemars and racing car driver Mikaela Ahlin-Kottulinsky to help him achieve something which had never been attempted before!”

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