The Best Inline Skater In The World

The Best Inline Skater In The World


The Best Inline Skater In The World


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Hand up. I had no idea street inline skating competitions were a thing.

I’ve seen plenty of people skating around the block in recent years and I’ve always wondered, ‘why not just get a bike?’.

Now, that’s probably because I have a bias against inline skating (I really didn’t think it was that cool) but this video might have changed my overall perspective on the sport.

Watch as Takeshi Yasutko goes bonkers in a vert style competition a couple of years back. The announcers say that he’s the best in the world, and I can see why. I have no idea how some of these tricks are even possible.

We just need Red Bull to sponsor a competition where people try this on ice skates. Then we’ll really be talking.

SORIS SKATE TV“Takeshi Yasutoko Inline Park / inline street”

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