Bart Got Bit By A Bear (GoFundMe)

Bart Got Bit By A Bear (GoFundMe)


Bart Got Bit By A Bear (GoFundMe)


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We posted yesterday about a skier who was mauled by a bear in Alaska over the weekend. The victim was airlifted by a Coast Guard helicopter. He sustained serious injuries to his hands, face, and arm.

His friends have started a GoFundMe to raise money for his medical bills, and to supplement his income while his hands recover (he makes skis for a living).

Please consider helping out here, or at the embedded post below.



Graham Kraft (friend): “I am starting this fundraiser for Bart because I unknowingly walked over a bear den and he got mauled. Fortunately, Bart is alive but needed surgery to repair his smashed arm, sew up a bunch of puncture wounds and reattach his ear. We are fundraising to help cover his medical expenses and related travel. He earns a living doing physical labor so will certainly miss work for the foreseeable future. Bart will also need to replace equipment that was either shredded by the bear or cut off during the rescue before he can wander cautiously through bear country again. This is Much thanks to the USCG for their response and yourselves for considering a donation while he heals up.”

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