When we first saw footage of this bear chasing a snowblader we thought it was just another fake video, but now we have seen multiple angles and it seems to be legitimate.

Footage shot by riders on a chairlift at a Romanian skiing resort shows a fellow skier being chased by a bear.

David Creta posted the above video to YouTube showing the bear chasing a skier on a slope at the Predeal ski resort on Saturday.

Chairlift riders alerted the skier to the pursuit, and the skier threw his backpack on the ground, which succeeded in distracting the bear for long enough to allow the man to escape.

Police spokesman Ion Zaharia said the skier did the right thing by distracting the bear. He said three emergency calls came in about the bear being spotted in various locations at the resort Saturday.

Zaharia said the bear fled into the woods when police arrived in all-terrain vehicles, but authorities are considering having the bear relocated to avoid future confrontations on the slopes.