Need A Job? Head To Bozeman, MT!

Need A Job? Head To Bozeman, MT!


Need A Job? Head To Bozeman, MT!


Featured Image Courtesy: Bridger Bowl Ski Area

Have you needed an excuse to pull-the-trigger and move west? This might be what you’re looking for:

A report from Bozeman, MT claims that the city is in desperate need for more employees.

A local tire shop owner claims, “I haven’t had an application in 6 months or longer. You can’t even get anybody to come in the door and fill out an application,” 

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The city of Bozeman has a variety of positions available including street operators, water sewer operators, the parks department, building inspectors, etc.

City officials claim that more workers are needed to fill these jobs in their growing city. The population has increased by more than 12,000 residents in the last decade.

Bozeman is located just 30 minutes from Bridger Bowl, and only an hour and some change from Big Sky. Meaning you could have access to over 7,000 acres of resort skiing in your backyard, nice.

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Bridger Bowl Ski Area is only 30 minutes from downtown Bozeman

Is Bozeman becoming the next Boulder? Guess we’ll see, but high-paying jobs and conveniently close skiing is sure to draw some people to this mountain town.

What’s keeping you from moving out to Bozeman?

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