Unofficial Movie Review: Warren Miller's 2020 Film "Future Retro"

Unofficial Movie Review: Warren Miller's 2020 Film "Future Retro"

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Unofficial Movie Review: Warren Miller's 2020 Film "Future Retro"


‘Future Retro’ is what we want from the world-class production company Warren Miller Entertainment (WME). It’s a thrilling 90-minute experience that showcases the best skiers in the world skiing in other-worldly locations.

This is a calculated ‘recipe’ that has worked for WME for 71 years, but ‘Future Retro’ has one aspect that sets itself apart from films past.

Tom Day continues to serve up legendary pow shots in WME films. Courtesy: Warren Miller Entertainment

The film serves as a bridge to connect skiers cross-generationally over their common passion: skiing.

Sure, other Warren Miller movies have linked nostalgic clips of straight-line hot-doggers and modern park rats to show the evolution of the sport. However, the connection shared by the athletes themselves was remarkably well-done.

The film shines with the blending of past generations’ icons with today’s up-and-coming stars. This effort is on full display in the Big Sky, MT feature.

WME filmed Scott Schmidt, Dan Egan, John Egan, and Tom Day reconnecting on Montana’s gnarliest terrain. I enjoyed listening to them speak fondly of Warren Miller, and the way he changed their lives.

How many legends can you fit in one picture? Courtesy: Warren Miller Entertainment

In many ways these legends of freeskiing are “old news”, and are most likely not known by a younger generation. ‘Future Retro’ serves their legacy well by showing clips from their heyday overlapped by testimonials on how they shaped the sport.

It was comforting to hear them praise the next generation of skiers. Parker Costain, Jack Lovely, and Maria Lovely absolutely destroyed terrain on Lone Peak. It seems the old-guard believes the future of skiing is in good hands. That makes me happy.

Maria Lovely has been skiing the steep and deep terrain at Big Sky her entire life. Courtesy: Warren Miller Entertainment

The Killington segment, interestingly, is one that I can’t stop thinking about after watching the film. I’ve seen a million ski films feature big-mountain powder, and very few give The East the attention it deserves.

Can we all recognize how sick it is that Killington (in a normal season) hosts a Women’s World Cup event…in November?! Thankfully WME was there to capture Mikaela Shiffrin’s dominant victory last season. Hearing Jim Ryan talk about his childhood at Killington was icing on the cake.

More like ‘drag the heel, ski for real’. Am I right? Skier: Jim Ryan. Courtesy: Warren Miller Entertainment

I enjoyed hearing from the locals who live and work at Killington as well. I could hear the passion for the mountain in their voices. It was also a reminder that skiing is more than just a sport. It’s a way a life, a passion, and an extremely rewarding one at that.

‘Future Retro’ is more than just the 71st installment in WME’s annual catalog of films. It’s a testament to honor those that came before us, and to praise that will come after.

Oh, yeah. The split-boarding segment in Antarctica was SICK, too. Rider: Danny Davis. Courtesy: Warren Miller Entertainment

There’s still one more virtual screening of Warren Miller Entertainment’s Future Retro’ . You can check it out on Saturday, November 21st at 7PM PST. Not located on the West Coast? No worries. You can still purchase your ticket here.

Grab a cocktail, put on your best gaper outfit, and get ready to enjoy 90 minutes of the best ski film you’ll see this year!

Featured Image Courtesy of Warren Miller Entertainment. Skier: Tanner Rainville

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