This Wyoming Ski BASE Jumper Deserves Your Attention

This Wyoming Ski BASE Jumper Deserves Your Attention


This Wyoming Ski BASE Jumper Deserves Your Attention


This dude deserves way more followers for all the work he’s been doing in the Wyoming backcountry sending Ski BASE jumps for the fun of it. Clark Robinson is a member of an extremely small group around the world that practice Ski BASE (smallest ski subset?) and he does it relatively incognito. If you love this type of content make sure to follow his IG & YouTube:

SKI BASE jumps from last year. Three of my biggest passions in life are skiing, mountains, and air sports. Ski BASE is so cool to me because it combines all three. Before getting involved in air sports, I signed up and randomly did a tandem skydive as soon as I turned 18. At the time I thought that skydiving was just something to do for a thrill once or twice in my life and I had no idea about the many other aspects of the sport, progression, or how stoked I would get on it. Ski BASE has been one of my goals since I saw it in a video when I was young. I vaguely knew that I needed to learn to skydive as a starting point so one day I searched for a drop zone and signed myself up for skydive ground school. This has led me on a journey which has introduced me to some of the most incredible people, beautiful environments, self awareness, learning, growth, and much more. I think it is important to live life passionately and pursue what makes you happy. Too many people pursue things that they actually don’t even want in their life which I believe leads to many additional problems. Whenever I focus on working hard towards my goals and trying to become a better person, life seems to fall into place. I still have a long way to go and lots of lessons to learn. I still haven’t done much ski BASE but I look forward to more next season as well as continuing to pursue many other big goals I have for the future. Thank you my friends! -Clark Robinson

….also check this footage from Little Cottonwood Canyon with Clark going top to bottom under canopy: 

This in-run get my blood pumping:


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