K2 Snowboarding Proudly Introduces New "Clicker" Step-In Binding

K2 Snowboarding Proudly Introduces New "Clicker" Step-In Binding


K2 Snowboarding Proudly Introduces New "Clicker" Step-In Binding


K2 must have seen new Burton’s step-in binding release and said “Hold my Zima” because they’re Clicker System is the OG in this game and it about time a new generation of riders to experience this

“As a pioneer in step-in system development and design, K2 Snowboarding has a rich history in innovation and industry-leading technology. Leaning on decades of knowledge and expertise, K2 set out to create the most progressive, highest performing, and most comfortable boot-to-binding interface on the market: Introducing K2 Clicker™ X HB.

The K2 Clicker™ X HB delivers the same performance and response you would expect from a traditional strap binding system, with an emphasis on fit and ease of use. Secure connection points at the toe and heel of the boot and binding allow for superior response and energy transfer without sacrificing lateral mobility – ultimately giving riders superior boot fit and a familiar binding flex and feel.”

Say what you will about strapless bindings in general but if you’re a beginner or if you ride a small hill looping chairlifts all day and getting in and out of your bindings end up being an appreciable segment of your time, there are obvious advantages to these systems.


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