Head Skis New Electronic Ski Dampening System

Head Skis New Electronic Ski Dampening System

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Head Skis New Electronic Ski Dampening System


“When the ski bends and vibrates, it takes the kinetic energy in the ski and transfers it into electrical energy, which is then used to absorb negative vibrations for a smoother, more stable experience. Less vibrations, more stability, better grip – The World’s only electronic ski dampening system.”

Really cool concept from Head Skis with this electronic ski dampening system they’re calling EMC (Energy Management Circuit) which converts the kinetic generated the movement of your ski into electronic energy which is used to absorb negative vibrations. Its the crown jewel of their new race line and it checks all the boxes for an attention grabbing gimmick but only time will tell if it gives their racers an edge. Check out the promo video:


“The HEAD EMC (Energy Management Circuit) is the only electronic ski dampening system in the world and is the highlight of HEAD’s new racing collection.

The HEAD EMC ski flexes and oscillates while you are skiing, generating energy that the Energy Management Circuit converts into electronic energy. A reduction in vibrations is the result, making the ski smoother, more stable and easier to ski.

The HEAD EMC (Energy Management Circuit) features ceramic piezo plates incorporated into the front and rear of the ski. Here, the kinetic energy is converted into electronic energy and in turn, the electronic energy is used to absorb negative vibrations. This means that the ski runs smoother and allows you to ski at a higher level all day long. It also has the added benefit that the ski adapts better and faster to the terrain, so you are always ahead of the game.”

images from Head Skis

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