Group Forms To Save Iconic Colorado Landmark

Group Forms To Save Iconic Colorado Landmark


Group Forms To Save Iconic Colorado Landmark


One of Colorado’s iconic landmarks is in dire need of help.

According to OutThere Colorado, the beautiful ‘Crystal Mill’ located near the town of Marble, CO is in need of funding. The mill was originally built in 1892, and was in service until 1917. It has been defunct for over 100 years, but the mill’s beautiful waterfalls, emerald pool, and aspen groves have generated interest from tourists for years.

Now, a few members of the local community are forming a non-profit in hope to preserve the building. The area is privately owned, and the Crystal Mill Foundation is forming to secure the land, and protect it for future visitors.

The organization has stated that vandals and heavy foot-traffic are putting the area at risk. The Crystal Mill Foundation is looking to raise $10 million to build facilities, hire staff members, and even offer guided tours of the mill.

Crystal Mill Foundation

It’s incredibly frustrating that somebody would want to damage this area, but I’m glad that The Crystal Mill Foundation is stepping up to the plate. Crystal Mill is definitely on my bucket-list for a summer adventure. Why does all of the cool stuff have to be in Colorado?

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