Unofficial Networks is Hiring!

Unofficial Networks is Hiring!


Unofficial Networks is Hiring!


Are writing, shared experiences, and outdoor adventure in your blood? Are you hoping to combine the outdoors with a career in media and creative writing? If so, Unofficial Networks is looking for writers to join our digital publication as a key contributor to the editorial team.

Job Requirements:

Writers will serve as contributors to the digital publication. As is true with any reputable publication, we value quality research, honest reporting, and compelling content. Writers will have the opportunity to write stories that inform, entertain and educate our readers.

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher.
  • Experience with WordPress and SEO best practices.
  • Ability to work efficiently in an independent atmosphere.
  • Strong research and writing skills and attention to detail and accuracy.

Wage: Writers will be paid hourly.

Apply: To apply please send a resume, cover letter, two writing samples, and two references to

About Unofficial Networks: Unofficial Networks is an outdoor adventure publication founded in 2006 with a focus on the ski and snowboard industry. We deliver daily news and entertainment from the skier’s point of view.

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