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#5. Leaving Your Boots In The Car: After failing to bring your boots in from the car the night before, your ski shoes are now a frozen brick of plastic. Good luck sliding your feet into those deep freezers.

#4. Forgetting To Put On Sunscreen: This ones for all the California skiers out there. Just because it’s winter, does not mean you can’t get a nasty sun burn/ sick goggle tan.

#3. Skiing With Your Pockets Open: Surefire way to lose your car keys, kill your iPhone, and end up with a pocket full of snow.

#2. Failing To Check Your Bindings: Your Marker Dukes have been shaking around all season and now your forward pressure is all out of whack. Because you neglected to check your bindings this year(s), the first time you realize this is when your facedown in the snow doing the penguin slide.

#1. Forgetting Your Season Pass At Home: Nothing worse than getting to the front of a lift line and realizing you left your pass dangling on the key rack next to the front door. Not to mention, you’re about to get heckled as you reverse course out of lift line.