Really liking how Shaggy’s Skis up in Northern Michigan has responded to these challenging times. They have pressed pause on making skis and have transitioned their Boyne City factory to pump out tens of thousands of medical masks, doing their part to flatten the curve:

“As our nation battles the effects of COVID-19, we’re joining the effort to keep healthcare workers healthy and safe.
We’ve transitioned our production from skis to a much more critical item, one that is in short supply in many areas. Working with 1-800-Stencil, the Shaggy’s crew is now focused on making tens of thousands of protective face shields for those in hospitals, clinics, and labs that desperately need to avoid infection and stay healthy.
If you’ve purchased skis that are not in stock, your patience is greatly appreciated as we serve our community and healthcare workers. With everyone doing their part, we can conquer COVID-19 together.”

If you need face shields at your facility contact Shaggy’s at 231-459-4323.