5 Ways To Curb "Mountain Angst" While You're At Work

5 Ways To Curb "Mountain Angst" While You're At Work


5 Ways To Curb "Mountain Angst" While You're At Work


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I sit at a cubicle for 8+ hours a day in the dreary Mid-West. You can bet your ass that I day-dream ~100% of the time that I’m on a mountain, no matter the season. But, sometimes day-dreaming just isn’t enough. Here are five things I do to fight-off my angst of wanting to be in the mountains.

1. Decorate your entire cube with trail maps.

Almost every inch of my cubicle is decorated with trail maps. I even have maps of ski resorts I’ve never been to, just to have something to look at. I could probably fill out an entire trail map of Park City’s 300+ trails because I’ve been staring at it for 2 years. I’ve also learned to appreciate James Niehues even more. That man can paint a damn mountain.

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2. Watch ski/snowboard videos during your lunch break.

I have a solid rotation of 5-10 Youtube videos I watch on a consistent basis to quench my thirst, so to speak. You can never go wrong with a Candide video, or watching Jesper Tjäder do something utterly insane involving a trampoline, snow, and a rail.

3. Find the other guy/girl who is equally obsessed with you about skiing or riding.

Okay, I’m going to be honest on this one, I haven’t found him or her yet. I literally write for a ski blog, so I haven’t found anybody as insane as me… yet. But, I have managed to pick out the skiers and boarders who can have a casual conversation with me about skiing. It scratches my itch just enough.

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4. Read everything and anything about skiing.

Don’t tell my boss, but I once spent an entire afternoon reading about the history of pretty much of every ski resort in New England’s history. Check out New England Ski History, it’s legit.

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Skiers at Magic Mountain, VT. Courtesy- NewEnglandSkiHistory

5. Plan your next trip.

Ahhh, my favorite past-time. There’s nothing like planning your next ski trip to get your mind off of your grayish-beige cube. Having something to look forward to can get you through even the roughest days.

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Courtesy: REI

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