E-Bikes To Be Allowed in All National Parks

E-Bikes To Be Allowed in All National Parks


E-Bikes To Be Allowed in All National Parks


The use of E-Bikes will be allowed in all National Parks according to a press release by the National Parks Service. 

“This new policy will enable visitors to use e-bikes, low-speed electric bicycles with power assistance, in the same manner as traditional bicycles, allowing them on park roads, paved or hardened trails, areas designated for off-road motor vehicle use and administrative roads. The operator of an e-bike may only use the motor to assist pedal propulsion.”

According to the release, the e-bikes will still not be allowed in designated wilderness areas, and park superintendents for each park still have the right to restrict or include conditions to limit use based on visitor safety.

National Park Service Deputy Director P. Daniel Smith was pleased with the policy as it allows better access to the parks for those with disabilities.

“As more Americans are using e-bikes to enjoy the great outdoors, national parks should be responsive to visitors’ interest in using this new technology wherever it is safe and appropriate to do so,” Smith said.

“They make bicycle travel easier and more efficient, and they provide an option for people who want to ride a bicycle but might not otherwise do so because of physical fitness, age, disability, or convenience, especially at high altitudes or in hilly or strenuous terrain.”

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