Friends of Murdered Snowboarder Fundraising To Return His Body To Russia

Friends of Murdered Snowboarder Fundraising To Return His Body To Russia


Friends of Murdered Snowboarder Fundraising To Return His Body To Russia


Professional Russian snowboarder Dmitry Koltsov was tragically shot and killed two weeks ago in downtown Los Angeles in a random act of violence. Now his friends are trying to help his parents get his body back to Russia. If you would like to contribute please GO HERE:

GoFundMe story:

“15 000 is the amount to cover the funeral and memorial and all the funds above will be used by Dima’s family to cover all the supporting expenses.

On June 10th 2019 our good friend, brother and son Dmitry Koltsov was killed in a random act of violence in Los Angeles. 

Dmitry, also known as Dima, lived an inspiring life, from skating in Moscow, to teaching surfing in Sri Lanka, to surfing the waves of Southern California. He was a truly selfless soul, constantly helping and supporting his friends in whatever way he could. Community was everything to him – he loved his friends even more than his skateboard, and was always bringing people together and making new friends no matter where he went. You only get the chance to meet someone like Dima once, and he left a lasting impact on everyone he met. He always wore a huge smile on face, and was known for his maniacal laugh. Whenever he was in the room, everyone knew. It was impossible to not be happy and laughing around Dima, he knew how to enjoy life better than anyone else, and wanted everyone around him to enjoy it with him.

Dima was always quiet about his status in the action sports community, but he was an accomplished athlete. Among his achievements are a bronze medal in the 2010 Russian Big Air Snowboard Championship, and a silver medal at the Swiss Open Halfpipe Championship. He was a prolific skateboarder, and was a leading force of building some of Russia’s first skateparks. He has traveled the world to skateboard, surf, and snowboard, both professionally and recreationally. He was a master of his crafts, and never ceased to wow those around him with his skills.

Dima helped everyone around him, without ever asking anything in return. Let’s repay the favor, and get Dima home to his family and help them with costs of properly putting our friend to rest. 

For information on this tragedy, please read the article below.

An LA Times article covering more of the story will be released soon, and we will update the page with a link once it is released. 

Thank you so much for your support.”

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