Award winning photographer Reuben Krabbe has a deep lifelong connection to the mountains that comprise Ski Big 3. As a child growing up in Calgary he stared longingly westward out from his front window at the Rocky Mountains, eager to spend time in the high country.

Now that he’s all grown up and working as as a mountain sports photographer, Reuben lives and breathes the mountain culture that he dreamed about a kid. His goal is to capture images of “Not the athletes who are in front of my lens, but moreover the soul, culture, community and natural beauty that defines the lives of my subjects.”

Rueben travels the world shooting the world’s best skiers and snowboarders  but he always returns home to Ski Big 3 because “These mountains impress me with their grandeur and teach me new lessons. I get to learn how to see the familiar in a new way, how to challenge yourself, how to enjoy the little things.”

It’s an incredible area and we can understand how Rueben can circle the globe and always return to the same spot:

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