“The moose didn’t even break the window in his struggles.”

How the hell do you get a 1,000 pound male moose out of 5 foot deep window well without hurting it? The answer is very slowly and with a gang of people. Colorado Public Radio reports the operation took nearly six hours and included 30 to 35 people.

Rescuers erected a pulley system to lift the young male weighing between 800 and 1,000 pounds that may have been trying to avoid snowdrifts by walking close to the house. Thankfully moose returned to the woods without any injuries.

“Add “moose rescue” to the list of emergency responses that Summit Fire & EMS performs! This young bull fell into a home’s five-foot-deep window well in Keystone overnight. Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers had tranquilized him and requested the assistance of our Truck 11 crew in setting up a pulley system to haul him out.

The entire operation took a while, but our firefighters were able to get the moose, estimated at 800 to 1,000 pounds, out and safely on the driveway. There, he was awakened with a counteractive agent, and no injuries were suspected (including to firefighters). The moose didn’t even break the window in his struggles.”

Hats off to Colorado Parks and Wildlife personnel, local fire and emergency services and Keystone ski resort employees who all assisted in the rescue.

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