“Most people miss half of their mountain timestopping to get food or water. That’s why we invented a bottle holder for your snowboard that can hold your drink or speaker. That way, you can carry whatever you need to get your full mountain experience.” -Board Bottle Buddy

Introducing the Board Bottle Buddy, the world’s first hydration solution that attaches directly to your skis or snowboard to cut down on wasted time rummaging around your backpack to get a sip of H2O. While you may or may not feel the need for a drink caddy on your skis at all times, the double helix design is pretty novel and might be worth it just get some smiles in the lift line on spring corn snow day? They retail for $15 + shipping and are available now BUY HERE:

images from etsy, boardbottlebuddy.com & boardbottlebuddy IG

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