The 2018-2019 ski season is finally set to start in Tucker County, West Virginia after a host of issues delayed the scheduled opening of Timberline Resort. The ski area near Davis, WV was scheduled to open in early December, but warm weather, rainstorms and lack of snow making opportunities have pushed that initial date back. Than shockingly on December 12th, Timberline Resort owner Frederick Herz, 56 was arrested following an investigation into tax evasion.

Now things are seemingly looking back on track for the Southeast ski area, which has re-announced their opening day for Saturday, December 22nd. The ski area is reminding guests to brown-bag their lunches until food concessions are allowed to open, following annual health inspections.

Tucker County Sherrif Deputies discovered the resort did not pay motel-hotel taxes from June 2017 to June 2018 following a criminal investigation. Deputies executed a search warrant in November, which led them to determine that Timberline Resort owes approximately $4,258 of back taxes. The resort owner Herz has been held since December 12th in Tygart Valley Regional Jail with his bail set at $6,241.

Mid-Atlantic skiers are overall hoping for better weather in the coming forecast, with warm temperatures and rain delaying a start to the wintery season. The good news is through all of the crazy early season issues, Timberline Resort will open after all for 2018-2019.




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