ShotSkis by WhiSki Poles
Shotskis aren’t just for beaters anymore…

Those crazy kids over at WhiSki Poles are at it again.

Creating “the world’s most adventurous flask” just wasn’t enough for these party boys. So they’ve set out to redefine how get we get trashed on the slopes once more with the Official SHOTSKI Kit. It’s an instant DIY kit turning for turning any plank or (*gasp!) snowboard into the life of the party.

Simply stick the “lock pad” (*velcro) onto your ski or snowboard, land that beautiful  “pretty much party-proof” stainless steel shot glass on the lock pad, and its bottoms up!

It all comes with a cool carrying bag, which can be used as a goggle wipe.” SOLD!

Benefits of the groundbreaking new go-anywhere, do-anything shotski:

  1. Not being sober is not just for the hill anymore! Now you can be not sober at the office, on the street, at the grocery store, or pretty much anywhere you’ve got your shotski! Just grab some friends or make some new ones and party like you’re slopeside. Because mountain life is a mindset, really…
  2. You don’t have get drunk on beater skis anymore! With this groundbreaking new application of Velcro technology, now your new Foil Skis can be a shotski too. WhiSki Poles has opened up the market to All-Mountain Shotskis, Racing Shotskis, even Nordic Shotskis. Start building your shotski quiver today!
  3. Your CourageAde goes wherever you do! Ever been standing above a steep glade or on a huge cornice and thought, ‘if only I wasn’t in my right mind right now, I’d be more apt to go for it…’ Worry no more with your trusty shotskis at hand. Just pop that baby off (or both, depending on difficulty), fill ‘er up, and let ‘er rip. One way or another, you’ll be down before you know it.

BONUS Benny: Every shotski not constructed with the Official SHOTSKI Kit has just become, by default, an UNOFFICIAL SHOTSKI

Where will your OFFICIAL SHOTSKIs take you? Pick them up here and break free from the shotski shackles.

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