Powder Alert #1 | Large Scale Accumulations To Arrive In The Southern Alps This Week [wePowder]

Powder Alert #1 | Large Scale Accumulations To Arrive In The Southern Alps This Week [wePowder]


Powder Alert #1 | Large Scale Accumulations To Arrive In The Southern Alps This Week [wePowder]


[Forecast courtesy of wePowder]

It has become a bit colder in central Europe. Cold air is supplied by the eastern current, and this can be seen in the temperatures that are just below the long-term average.

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If we look at the entire northern hemisphere, we are not alone. It is much colder than normal in the eastern portion of North America and winter has already started over there. They were also riding fresh powder in recent days on the east coast and that is quite exceptional for the resorts that are best known for icy slopes (they call it the Ice Coast for a reason). But if we look at the Northern Hemisphere as a whole, then the temperature is in the plus. It is + 0’6 degrees warmer than normal, which fits in with the trend of global warming that we have seen in recent decades.

Snow in the southern Alps:

A front crossed the Alps yesterday. This locally resulted in some light snowfall on the north side of the main alpine ridge, but it mostly snowed on the south side of the Alps. A large part of the clouds was pressed against the Monte Rosa massif in the Italian Piedmont, where 10-35 cm of fresh snow came down. Also the border area of Italy, Slovenia and Austria recorded a lot of fresh snow (about 10-35 cm).

Words are good, pictures are better. It snowed around the Simplon and Monte Rosa. You will find ski resorts on the Italian side like Alpe Devero, San Domenico, Macugnaga, Alagna and Gressoney, while on the Swiss side you can go to Zermatt, Saas Fee and Rothwald.

It’s quite the same in Italy, Slovenia and Austria. The mountains aren’t that high here, but the campsite of Nassfeld is white and it looks winter in Tarvisio.

Happy campers @Nassfeld

It still snowing lightly in this region today. In the meantime, there isn’t much snow coming down in the northern Alps. The artificial snow machines are running at full speed to guarantee an early start. The lonely white strips of snow at Zell am See and Oberstdorf say it all. There are still a number of storms needed here before the conditions are in line with parts of the Southern Alps.

As previously announced, it remains unstable on the southern side of the Alps. Due to high pressure on the northern side of the Alps, storm depressions remain remote and they choose a southern path. That resulted in snowfall on the south side of the Alps yesterday, today and will also bring snow on Wednesday. It is expected to be dry on Thursday, after which a new storm will come in. This comes from the southwest with good chances for the French southern Alps and the rest of the southern Alps. Our snow map for the coming days looks like this, but due to the lack of a jet stream, some changes may still occur.

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Powder Alert #1:

We’re stoked to announce the first PowderAlert of the 2018/2019 winter. There is plenty of snow on the south side of the Alps and lifts are spinning.

In addition, a lot of fresh came down the last couple of days and there is a good chance that there will be even more snow coming down on Friday/Saturday. Which day of the weekend will be the best? My best bet would be Sunday right now. It all depends on the clouds and the precipitation. More about that later this week!

You will find a list of ski resorts conditions here. I will tell you where you can find the best powder later this week. In short: do you have time this weekend and are you hungry for powder and willing to drive to the southern Alps? We’ll let you answer those questions on your own…

What about the northern Alps and France?

There’s no significant snow in the forecast up to and including the weekend. Although a northern kick-back can provide some white entertainment. What happens after the weekend is not clear yet. Models do not yet see a jet stream that’s on fire, but some openings have been found. More about this later this week.

Stay stoked, Morris

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