First Close Call In Colorado As Skier Gets Buried In Early Season Slide

First Close Call In Colorado As Skier Gets Buried In Early Season Slide


First Close Call In Colorado As Skier Gets Buried In Early Season Slide


Photo: Colorado Avalanche Information Center

The first close call of the year occured this past Friday as a group of two skiers were ascending a small slope off Hoosier Pass to make what would be some of their first backcountry turns of the season.

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During the ascent a soft slab released above them and buried one of the skiers. While the buried person was able to dig themselves out, this should serve as a sobering reminder that avalanche can happen in the early season as well. Stay safe out there folks. 

Colorado Avalanche Incident Report:

Two skiers left the Hoosier Pass parking lot and toured north-northwest on County Road 2. The skiers left the road and continued uphill following a bench in the terrain. The skiers intended to dig a snowpit on an east-facing slope. They spaced apart and crossed beneath the slope with Skier 1 in the lead. While crossing the slope, the avalanche released and a few inches of snow washed over Skier 1’s skis. Skier 1 was tripped by the moving snow. Skier 1 fell downhill and debris ran over, and covered, his lower body. Skier 2 was downhill below the bench and was not hit by the avalanche. The avalanche debris accumulated and stopped on the bench above Skier 2. Skier 1 was able to self-extricate from the debris and was uninjured in the avalanche.

On Friday 11-2-2018 a skier was caught and partially buried on Hoosier Pass while ascending a small slope. The avalanche was triggered from below. View the incident report here.

  • Location: Above Northstar Neighborhood, Hoosier Pass
  • State: Colorado
  • Date: 2018/11/02
  • Time: 9:00 AM
  • Summary Description: 1 skier caught and partially buried, uninjured
  • Primary Activity: Backcountry Tourer
  • Primary Travel Mode: Ski
  • Type: HS
  • Trigger: AS – Skier
  • Size – Relative to Path: R2
  • Size – Destructive Force: D1.5
  • Sliding Surface: O – Within Old Snow
  • Slope Aspect: E
  • Site Elevation: 11850 ft

Find your Colorado avalanche forecast here: Colorado Avalanche Information Center

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