Photo by Tim Hipps

The list of potential hosts for the 2026 Winter Olympic Games is down to three. Erzurum, Turkey has been eliminated by the IOC due to a lack of infrastructure including transport, telecommunications and airports. The IOC also cited security worries due to its proximity to Syria.

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The cities that remain in contention to host the games are Calgary, Stockholm, and Milan/Cortina.

All three cities are dealing with issues of local support for the games.

In Calgary, Canada a referendum on holding the Games will be up in November. At the moment the result is too close to call.

Stockholm’s bid to host the games lacks support from both the Swedish Government and City Council.

In Italy, the government wished Milan/Cortina well in winning the bid but refused to put up any money. Italy’s Undersecretary for Sport, Giancarlo Giorgetti said that any Italian bid for the Games will have to find other means of funding. This could mean that the International Olympic Committee could find itself without a nation willing to host the 2026 Winter Olympics.