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As I write this, countless ski bums are scanning the classifieds for the ideal ski-bum job. So as these skiers search for work that allows them to ski, we thought we’d give these aspiring employees a view of the 5 most ideal ski bum careers. From heli-guides to fat-pocket bartenders, there are an array of awesome ski bum jobs but there are only a few that reign supreme.

Here are The 5 Best Ski Bum Jobs

5) Social Media Manager

Instead of hauling around 50 lbs. worth of camera gear, the Social Media Manager is usually carrying around their iPhone and/or a point-and-shoot camera. Also, the Social Media Manager is privy to the early lifts, gondi’s, and trams normally reserved for pro photographers and skiers.

4) Ski Patrol

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Tossing bombs, setting off slides, and scoring first tracks are just a few of the reasons being a ski patroller rules. And although you have to deal with injuries and gapers, you’re still a patroller and throwing bombs beats any day at the office.

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3) Fine-Dining Bartender

Photo Credit: Vratislav Darmek via Flickr Creative Commons

As far as ski-bumming goes, there may not be a better job in the world. Work nights, make tons of cash, and ski all day. Sign me up… That said, bartender positions at 4-star restaurants are usually some of the most sought after positions in Ski Town, USA. Normally, a ski bum has to work their way up over the course of a few years before they occupy the coveted spot behind the bar.

2) Ski-journalist

First off, it’s a serious grind and you make close to nothing.  That said, writing about skiing is a lot cooler than writing obituaries for your local paper. Also, you don’t have to constantly stop to ‘set up the shot’ like a ski photographer. Instead you ski all day, then write about it at night. Repeat. Everday.

1) Heli-Guide

Photo Credit: Bureau Of Land Managment via Flickr Creative Commons

Flying around the backcountry and accessing peaks by helicopter? Yes, please. Simply put, being a heli-guide is the best ski bum job in the world. Heli-guides get to show countless clients ‘the best skiing of their life’ not to mention ‘testing’ slopes before their groups even put their skis on the snow.

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