The aftermath | Photo: Les Grand Montets
The aftermath | Photo: Les Grand Montets

The sole ski area operator in the Chamonix Valley, Compangnie du Mont Blanc announced yesterday that it will host skiing this upcoming winter at Les Grand Montets despite the Lognan mid-station catching fire on Tuesday.

The announcement is the first big piece of positive news in the last 6 months for the resort operator. Starting in late spring, the legendary Aiguille du Midi cable car lost its ability to access the top station when an irregularity in the cable was discovered. It’s been open off and off and most recently off. Ultimately, they’ve decided to somewhat re-engineer the top cable car system which could take months.

Find out more about that here: Aiguille du Midi | Whats Going On?!

Easily their second most popular lift, the Lognan Cable Car at Les Grand Montets going up in smoke is the last thing CMB wanted or needed. The lack of summit access at GM is really bad news for Chamonix locals who rely on lift access for some of the burlier lines in the Argentiere Basin.

“The investigations will continue during the coming days before the reconstruction work may begin, work which will take a [good] number of months. To face up to this new ordeal, the teams at Grands Montets with the backing of all the staff of Compagnie du Mont-Blanc, will make every effort to permit visitors & partners to access the two cables car of the Grands Montets ski area as soon as possible.”

As of now, all CMB has said publicly is that they are committed to righting the ship and putting this tragic event behind them. Our best wishes our with them as they work on getting the lift up and running again.

Find out more here: Lognan Fire Update [CMB]

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