10 Reasons To Visit Oregon This Summer

10 Reasons To Visit Oregon This Summer


10 Reasons To Visit Oregon This Summer


The Oregon coast includes some of the most underrated beaches in the nation | Photo: Barclay Idsal

Oregon is a special place year-round but in summer– the Beaver state truly comes alive. From temperate rainforests to mountains and surf breaks, here are 10 reasons to visit Oregon during the warmer months on the calendar.

10) Ski Timberline

Wave it high! | Photo: Timberline Lodge

Summer skiing on Mt. Hood is a rite of passage for any snow bum. The Palmer Snowfield offers terrain parks and steep fall lines till the beginning of September. Oregon is the only state in the country with lift skiing come late summer. Make sure to visit the historic Timberline Lodge after you ski for some quality aprés.

Find out more here: Timberline Lodge

9) Surf the Coast

Cold water and quality swells | Photo: Loren Kerns

While the beaches in Oregon may not be as well known as those further south, the coast is still a beautiful place to escape. Try surfing at Cannon Beach and get away from the crowds in other seaside communities. Early birds can ski in the morning and be in the Pacific Ocean before dark. RAD!

8) Chase Waterfalls

A waterfall in Oneonta Gorge, OR | Photo: Jeff Gunn

Oregon is home to over 300 documented waterfalls. While famous locations like Multnomah Falls consistently grace national media there are many other falls to discover off the beaten path. Bonus points for those brave enough to stand underneath a freezing waterfall plunge.

7) Rip Some Singletrack

If there’s a better way to end a day in the summer, we don’t know about it | Photo: Pierce Martin

With lush forests and a rainy environment, Oregon is a great state for mountain biking. Across the state are hundreds of miles of singletrack for every skill ability. Sandy Ridge trail system near Mt. Hood is a great place for a couple hours or even a full day. If pedaling uphill isn’t your thing, $2 will get you on the Mt. Hood Express bus for an epic 17 mile downhill.

6) Drive the Gorge

The Columbia River | Photo: Eric Shea

Although it IS A VERY TOURISTY SPOT, you can’t deny the beauty of the Columbia River Gorge. Find a slow day to drive the Historic Columbia River Highway and pass some of the largest waterfalls in Oregon, along with the scenic Vista House and dense forests. Plenty of awesome hikes await those who explore the many turnouts along the way.

5) Watch The Local Team Play

The University of Oregon | Photo: Daniel Hartwig

Many are surprised to hear that Oregon lacks a professional baseball and football team. However between major league soccer, basketball and college football Oregon has intensely passionate sports fans. In Portland, Eugene or Corvallis catch a game and see why the Beaver state is home to great sports rivalries and traditions.

4) Get Beers (plural)

You can’t have just one… just make sure to grab an Uber | Photo: Sergio Ruiz

Home to one of the largest craft beer scenes in the country, Oregon has the right suds for every taste. Portland, Bend and Eugene are excellent spots to brewery hop. The Portland Metro areas has over 100 independent breweries alone, so happy drinking.

Find out more here: Portland Brewery Map

3) Go Skate!

Burnside Skatepark in Portland | Photo:Your Girl in Portland

Legendary skateparks like the DIY Burnside reinforce Oregon’s reputation as a skate mecca. Even in small towns across the state skateparks are prevalent. Stop in Donald, OR population 900; they probably have a better skatepark than most big cities.

2) Explore Crater Lake

Crater Lake National Park | Photo: Stuart Seeger

As the lone National Park in Oregon it makes sense how special Crater Lake truly is. The result of extreme tectonic and volcano activity, the lake is the deepest in the United States. Go for a hike, hop on a boat or drive the lakeshore and you are sure to find beauty.

1) Attend A Festival

Not your average ‘fair’ | Photo: David Geitgey Sierralupe

Running the spectrum of musical genres, summer time is festival season in Oregon. Check out the long running Oregon Country Fair in early July. A forerunner to Burning Man, the OCF is inexpensive fun with a good music lineup and a truly eclectic scene.

Bonus: go back to the 90’s.

Those were simpler times…

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