Church Looks To Reopen Ski Area In Canada

Church Looks To Reopen Ski Area In Canada


Church Looks To Reopen Ski Area In Canada


Pastor Darren Dinsmore says he grew up skiing, but hasn’t had much time since he became a minister. (Darren Dinsmore)

Mount Shana ski area, a long-closed ski hill in Newfoundland, Canada, hopes to re-open after being gifted to a church. The ski area was gifted by the ski areas former owner in 2016. 

Mount Shana was closed in 2003.  At the time the ski area had two T-bars and seven runs.

Darren Dinsmore, the pastor of the church who now owns the ski area is a keen skier and thrilled with the idea of running the ski hill.

“When God gave us the ski hill, we said ‘let’s run with it,’” Dinsmore told CBC Radio’s Labrador Morning, adding, “The first time I walked on the property, I kept pinching myself. It was surreal. I’ve never seen a ski hill quite like it. It’s pretty unique in that it’s sort of a mix between back country and downhill skiing with the narrower runs.”

The facility will need to be inspected by statutory authorities before re-opening and money will need to be raised to pay for the operation of the ski hill, but the pastor aims to re-open a couple of runs next winter.

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