Good things rescuers got the 54 year old Texan caught in a whiteout at Rabbit Ears Pass Wednesday because The Denver Post reports he was only wearing jeans and t-shirt.

The Lone Star State skier told the 911 operator that he had taken a “little tumble” , had gotten wet, and could not get his skis back on. With a winter weather advisory was in effect and his lack of proper clothing, rescuers were promptly dispatched.

While we might snicker at a Texan having to be rescued in a t-shirt and jeans while out skiing in Colorado, Routt County SAR made a little FB post to remind us of a little aphorism we should all live by:

“There is a saying in the mountains that “cotton kills” because when it becomes wet it looses any insulating properties and can quickly lead to hypothermia. Wool or synthetics like polyester should be worn since they will keep you warm even when wet. This is true in both the winter and the summer. Stay safe and have fun out there!”

Photo: Jon Rawlinson


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