Georgia’s ski resorts will have a complete safety recertification following the rollback on March 16th at Gudauri Ski Resort that left 11 injured. Georgia Today reports Austrian ski-lift producer Doppelmayr Garaventa Group has already sent a group of experts to certify all of the lifts the company has installed in Georgia are up to their stringent safety standards.

The recertification will include lifts at Gudauri as well as other ski resorts like Bakuriani, Hatsvali and Goderdzi. Doppelmayr will also retrain all employees at Georgian ski resorts after experts determined the accident at Gudauri was caused by human error. Doppelmayr brought a special simulator to train appropriate actions in extreme situations like the one that lead up to the rollback. 

It should also be noted that  Leitner will also come to Georgia to check the ropes installed in Bakuriani and Mestia and retrain their staff in April.  Also Poma representatives will also come and check the ropeways installed by their company in Gudauri and Mestia.

The Georgian government wants to remind everyone that everyone injured in the rollback incident has been released from the hospital and has invited all affected tourists back to Gudauri next year for free. 

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