Snowmobiler Perishes In Avalanche Near Whistler

Snowmobiler Perishes In Avalanche Near Whistler


Snowmobiler Perishes In Avalanche Near Whistler


An example of a cornice failure avalanche | Photo: _seb

A snowmobiler died in the Callaghan Valley near Whistler on Saturday as a result of a cornice fall reports Global News.

According to Avalanche Canada, the snowmobiler “parked on or near” the cornice “when it failed.” The victim was then carried down the slope for 250 feet. He was partially buried. After uncovering the 52 year-old victim from the avalanche debris, his backcountry partners performed CPR but those efforts proved unsuccessful. He was later pronounced dead on the scene.

Although avalanche danger is currently marked at moderate to low in the backcountry zones surrounding Whistler, Avalanche Canada is warning backcountry travelers to recognize wind slab and cornice danger in order to stay safe.

*Our deepest condolences go out to the victim’s friends and family

Find the entire Global News article here: Snowmobiler dies near Whistler after stopping on a pack of snow and falling over 200 feet

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