7 Day Powder Forecast | Snow Continues In The Sierra With 12-17" Reported

7 Day Powder Forecast | Snow Continues In The Sierra With 12-17" Reported


7 Day Powder Forecast | Snow Continues In The Sierra With 12-17" Reported


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I just got back from an epic 5 days in the Northwest bouncing between Whistler, Baker and Stevens. Steady light to moderate snow continues over the Pacific Northwest through Saturday before very warm air brings on the brakes to any chases beyond Saturday afternoon. The Tetons are going to nab 3-5 inches every 12-24 hour period this week. There may be deeper periods late today or early Saturday? The Sierra is getting their goods right now and are reporting double digits at some areas this morning.

Short-Term Forecast:

Sugar Bowl is reporting 12-14 inches last night. Kirkwood is at 16 with Squaw at 12. Mammoth is significantly lower at 5-8 inches. My original forecast was 12-18 inches for northern resorts so the storm played out as predicted. That system is continue to pump good quality snowfall into that region through Friday morning with the highest amounts the further north you travel. Its possible that 5-10 additional inches fall north of Interstate 80 and significantly less further south through Friday.

The Cascades get a temporary break early AM Thursday with light to moderate snow for chases for Friday morning. That continues into Saturday morning. It’s hard to nail down the deepest amounts but suspect with west winds the entire range including Oregon grabs another 10-15 inches through Saturday (Waves of 5-7 every 12-24 hours with some higher amounts likely). Keep checking webcams and especially the NWAC snow telemetry where you can see hourly snowfall at each of your favorite resorts in the Cascades. Friday and Saturday have good potential over the entire Cascade range. The latest High Resolution Model is showing 6-10 inches n the next 12 hours for most of the higher terrain in Oregon (Storm ski today).

The Panhandle of Idaho as I forecasted scored feet of snow in the past 2 days with 29 inches being reported at Schweitzer (48 hours). Its going to continue to snow moderately in the next few days with higher amounts likely just north into BC. Temps are cold and quality is excellent.

Sneak up powder is likely in The Tetons this week as steady light snow falls today into Friday (3-7 likely) before decreasing somewhat. It may pick up slightly on Saturday so any chases may include late today or early Saturday (Don’t expect double digits in any 24 hour period).

The Wasatch gets leftovers tonight with perhaps 3-6 inches at Alta and 1-4 inches at lower elevation resorts. My gut tells me that areas north towards the Idaho border (Beaver Mountain) may see higher amounts. The good news is that it is mainly overnight snow.

Total snowfall in the west through Saturday morning. (Orographic snow enhancement may increase the amounts on this map shown for Colorado). Highlights in the Sierra currently as well as Oregon, Washington, BC, and north-central Idaho.| Image: WXBell

Colorado gets teased tonight through Friday with NW flow and light moisture. NW flow and cold air can bring some surprises not showing up on models. The models pump out 3-5 inches for much of the northern and central mountains for Friday morning. There is a possibility that higher amounts land near Steamboat or Vail under decent NW flow and limited moisture.

Extended Forecast:

Warm temps (6,000 foot snow levels or higher) will impact much of the Pacific Northwest late this weekend (Rain at most ski areas). That will include mid or lower elevations at Whistler. Some significant snow is possible at the summits. Snow continues over Idaho and the the Tetons albeit light with moderate amounts possible Saturday.

Very warm temps in the west (Numbers are shown in celsius) near 5,000 feet beginning late Saturday/Sunday | Image: WXBell

Next week brings a quick shot of snow and colder temps by Tuesday to the Cascades. That system rapidly moves through the northern Rockies (ID, MT, WY) by mid week with light or moderate snow likely.

High pressure settles into much of the west early next week followed by a fast moving system due mid week (Northern regions including the PNW- cooler air also noted on models). | Image: WXBell

NOTE: My rental car in the Pacific northwest was broken into Tuesday evening in Seattle where most of my clothes and personal items were stolen. The only items that were left behind was my snowboard, boots, goggles and helmet. I managed to score 1st Chair at Stevens Pass yesterday still in my ski clothes from the day before. Thanks to Stevens for lending me a coat! In some ways it was a blessing in disguise that this dirt bag thief left behind my love for powder. If you see a bum wearing a red Marmot Ski Jacket in downtown Seattle go for the tackle.

– Powderchaser Steve

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