Lyft Launches "Ski Rack Mode" In Colorado High Country

Lyft Launches "Ski Rack Mode" In Colorado High Country


Lyft Launches "Ski Rack Mode" In Colorado High Country


Lyft just launched the much anticipated Ski Rack Mode in six Colorado mountain regions and the Salt Lake City region:

“Winter is here and it’s time to dust off your gear and hit the slopes. This year it’s never been easier — simply tap to request Lyft Ski Rack in the app and you’ll be matched with a vehicle equipped to take your skis or your snowboards. Ski Rack Mode gives every tourist and ski & snowboard enthusiasts alike the snow-prepped ride their gear and friends need to leave their car at home and get their winter adventures started.

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Lyft drivers with winter-ready cars ca  earn extra fare as the ski season picks up. To drive in “Ski Rack Mode,” drivers must meet the following criteria:

  • Drive in locations where Ski Rack Mode is available

  • Self-certify your vehicle as snow ready

  • Have a vehicle equipped with ski racks to hold up to four pairs of skis or two snowboards

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I request a car with a Ski Rack?
When you open the Lyft app, you’ll see the Ski Rack option available when you go to select your ride type. Tap ‘Ski Rack’ to request a ride that’s ready to take your skis or your snowboards.

Where can I request Ski Rack?
Ski Rack is currently available in the Rocky Mountains (Vail, Beaver Creek, Aspen, Snowmass, Steamboat Springs, Telluride, Winter Park, Granby).

Can I share the cost of a Ski Rack Ride?
Yes! Just like with any other type of Lyft ride, you can share the cost with fellow passengers.

How is Ski Rack priced?
You’ll be charged your usual Lyft ride fare with an additional cost of $8 for a vehicle with a ski rack. Sales tax and fees where applicable, also apply to Ski Rack rides.

What kind of ski rack should I expect?
Ski racks or truck beds will be able to accommodate two snowboards or four sets of adult skis.

Who is in charge of placing and securing skis/snowboards in rack?
Drivers are responsible for properly installing the ski racks and passengers are responsible for ensuring that equipment (skis, snowboards, etc.) is properly secured.

What types of cars can I expect when using Ski Rack?
With Ski Rack, you’ll be matched with the same type of vehicles that you would receive when requesting a Lyft ride.

How do I properly load my skis/boards on ski racks?
Most ski racks operate in the same way, so these steps will get you started. If you have any trouble with the ski rack that’s on your Lyft ride, ask your driver for advice.

  1. Press button to open ski rack bars
  2. Slide your skis/boards between the bars.
  3. Walk around the car, reach over and pull the first set of skis/board close to the rack hinge.
  4. Close both ski rack bars and listen for the click. Lock the rack to hold your gear extra tight.

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