Photo: Alexander Kenan Facebook
The “Cathedral Group” with Teewinot and Mt Owen front and center | Photo: cloud2013 | Cover: Alexander Kenan Facebook 

A resident from North Carolina has died after falling from Peak 11,840 in Grand Teton National Park reports The Jackson Hole News and Guide.

Alexander Kenan, a 24 year-old climber from Chapel Hill, appears to have been attempting the Grand Traverse, a linkup that connects Teewinot on the north with Nez Pearce in the south– including a summit of the Grand Teton. The climb’s beauty is surpassed only by its difficulty and has become a testing piece for some of the world’s finest alpinists.

The body was spotted this past Friday by a mountaineering guide and the person whom they were guiding. The peak on which Kenan fell is located between Teewinot and Mt Owen and is known for its namesake elevation. The deceased climber was ultimately reached by park rangers through the use of multiple abseils. Once they reached the body, they then helped execute a long line helicopter extraction. So far there are no reported witnesses to the fatality but officials are urging anyone who had been climbing Mt Owen or Teewinot 7 days prior to Kenan being discovered and may have seen the accident to call this number– 307-739-3301.

*Our deepest condolences go out to the victim’s friends and family. 

Find the entire JH News and Guide article here: Climber’s body found in Tetons

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